EWB-India has been established as a non-profit Society, under the Society's Act, to involve engineers, and other professionals with special or general skills, in a movement of constructive change. It is inspired by an urgent concern for accelerating sustainable rural development, assisting in capacity building in backward rural and urban communities of India, protecting the country's natural resource base and working across national boundaries for social and economic justice and responsible use of technology.

Food and water are nature's gifts. No one should have to go without them. Engineers must consider it an obligation to help people, especially the poor and the powerless, meet their needs of food, clean water, shelter, sanitation, education and livelihood.

Members of EWB-India must, through exemplary action and efficient organization, contribute to the creation of a Compassionate Human Society - a network of mutual help, caring and capacity building.

Members of EWB-India must pledge to uphold the highest standards of ethics, financial integrity and absolute transparency consistent with the non-profit and service oriented nature of the organization.

We believe that just as every human being should have the means to meet their basic needs, no nation, society or group has the right to over-consume nature's resources. EWB-India members shall pledge to uphold the principles of social, economic and gender justice in their work, as and when necessary and possible.

EWB IET chapter was started in September,2009 under the guidance of Dr.Manohar Chanwani (Director,IET DAVV) and Dr. Vrinda Tokekar (Faculty Advisor,HOD,Information Technology) . It was started with the mission and vision of bringing  a positive change in the society and to contribute as much as we can for the welfare and development of others.