Jeevan Shala High School

Shielded from the hubbub of city life (at Navlakha Square); Jeevan Shala School is a temple of learning. Cleanliness is etched in each and every corner of the school. Eyes scintillate with and an unending hope that someday they too will fly to their dreamland. Children from kindergarten to class eighth are imparted education. Apart from the regular curricula, students are imparted NCC training. English and Mathematics are being taught. Also, we have started with a computer course, especially designed for some of the young enthusiasts. Children’s day was marked by a very vibrant and innovative drawing competition for all the students. The teaching lessons are smoothly interspersed with interactive sessions which go a long way in strengthening their beliefs in their aspirations. To conclude, the school is a place where discipline coexists with serenity.  Where dreams are separated from their acquisition by a veil and it is our earnest endeavour to lift this veil and imbibe a rich vein of belief amongst them.